From Russia with Love

For work I am now staying a while in Russia. I get educated and the possibility to play for important people with taste. People who appreciate the beauty of classic music. Dancing is big part of these plays and I wished I could let myself go as those beautiful creatures.

In Russia life is different but good. I had to leave quite fast and I just extended my expat health insurance which covers many countries. It’s uncertain yet how long I will stay here and therefore best to get a global coverage. For a musician my age that will become your biggest concern. I can’t afford to lose days due to a sickness which could have been cured easily.

One thing that was striking was why doesn’t the media show how beautiful Russia really is. The country, the food, the people and the culture. It is all amazing and the people sincerely love their country. Tonight I have the pleasure to play a classical piece as part of an ensemble and I need to wrap this up.